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Nine sanitation treatment case studies across eight countries in Asia & Africa

Access to safe water and sanitation is a human right. Governments are the duty bearers of the progressive realisation of this right in their jurisdictions. Worldwide, 2.4 billion people are still without basic sanitation, and more than 600 million people are without safe drinking water.

SNV contributes to sustainable change in WASH delivery systems in at least 19 countries. Ultimately, we envision a world that enables all people’s access to affordable and reliable WASH services – leaving no one behind.

In households, schools, and health facilities, our programmes are designed to build professional, organisational, and inter-institutional capacities to deliver environmentally and financially sustainable rural and urban WASH services. Through programme implementation, joined-up thinking, and our research – conducted with partners in government, private sector and civil society – our contributions:

  • provide evidence to integrate sanitation information in wider district-, provincial and city planning;
  • assist public authorities to better target investments and oversee the efficient operationalisation of services;
  • create the conditions and capacities for private sector engagement in WASH; and
  • instill long-lasting sanitation and hygiene behaviours amongst consumers and professions in the frontline of WASH services delivery.

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Our 2019 WASH project results
People who gained access to (at least) basic sanitation
People who gained access to (at least) basic drinking water
More people practising handwashing with soap after defecation

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