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Extreme poverty has been significantly reduced since the 1990s, yet around 700 million people, most of them living in rural areas, continue to live in this state.

Developing sustainable agricultural production is at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Poverty, hunger, malnutrition and climate change are complex challenges that require a paradigm shift in agriculture. Value chains and food systems need to become more inclusive, efficient and diverse, as well as nutrition-sensitive and climate smart, to ensure that people have access to food at affordable prices and opportunities to shift to healthier diets.

As agriculture is primarily driven by the private sector, SNV uses market-based approaches. We contribute to systems change by kick-starting and strengthening agricultural markets in selected commodities. We deploy our tested tools and approaches – such as using a food systems lens to identify key bottlenecks, developing inclusive business models, working with public-private partnerships and launching innovative finance – to address the root causes of why markets fail to meet the needs of people living in poverty.

This approach helps farmers to grow more food sustainably, while creating jobs at different stages of value chains and putting women and youth at the centre of development. SNV also strengthens the climate resilience of farms and markets. We help farmers and agri-businesses to expand their businesses by working with financial institutions to make financing available on reasonable terms and by working with farmers and agri-businesses to develop sound business cases.

Our agriculture projects will contribute to achieving the SDGs through inclusive value chains, sustainable nutrition for all, and climate and business. We use our balancing benefits approach to close the gender gap. This approach addresses the root causes of unequal development, such as inequitable norms, and unequal access to resources and market opportunities.

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