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Lack of access to electricity represents a fundamental barrier to development. It hinders progress in areas such as health, education, food security and gender equality. In Mozambique, it is estimated that only 30% of the population has access to electricity leaving over 20 million people reliant on inefficient lighting and energy solutions.

The Government of Mozambique is committed to reaching the Sustainable Energy for All target of Universal Energy Access by 2030. To reach this ambitious goal, it is estimated that 373 thousand new connections per year, a more than six-fold increase from the current rate of around 60 thousand, will be required.

The Energy Africa Campaign which aims to support African governments efforts in realising their universal energy targets recognises that to supply the vast number of off-grid households required, private sector companies, with the innovation and investment they bring, are a vital part of the solution. Embodying this vision, a 22.8 million pound programme entitled BRILHO was launched in July 2019. SNV is leading the implementation of this project with partners Practical Action Consulting and Marge. 

The programme which is funded by UKAID represents the United Kingdom’s commitment to the Energy Africa Campaign in Mozambique and is intended to be matched by practical government support to the off-grid energy private sector. BRILHO will target three identified inter-connected areas of energy need in Mozambique, namely improved cookstoves, solar home systems and mini-grids.


BRILHO is committed to achieving the goals of the Energy Africa Compact for Mozambique and is expected to increase energy access in Mozambique for 1.5 million people. It is a comprehensive and innovative five-year programme which will support 15,000 businesses and mobilise GBP 20 million in private funding.


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Increase energy access to households and businesses through innovative private sector provision of, and investment in, offgrid clean energy


Build a market of off-grid energy companies (across the three target technologies) able to operate on a sustainable basis


Build the supporting environment for the off-grid market such as logistics and mobile money

Our results

will benefit from improved cookstoves
will benefit from solar home systems or minigrids
will be supplied with productive use energy
Additional funding
will be mobilised

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